Thoughtfully Speaking

If I may… ? Just the other day, while I was on my scooter, I happened to overhear a couple of children commenting on how they were starting to like attending their classes on the computer. That it was easier not to have to worry about how the other kids felt about you. They sure couldn’t talk about you to the other kids. I thought, “Wow, what an interesting concept…” Nobody could pass notes, nobody could put their hand next to their mouth and whisper to the girl next to them. And funny looks, forget about it. Everyone sees it… including the teacher.

Hummmmm, think this new style of teaching hoses down the heat of bullying? Perhaps. I’m as old as the Turkey pardoned on the lawn at the white house during Jefferson’s presidency, so, I wouldn’t know, but it sounds good. If this can keep those silly kids from threatening the innocent, sometimes even the strange, often times the shy wallflowers to the misunderstood nerds from being picked on, I say let’s keep maintaining this unique way of holding classes. And, if perhaps there’s a way, in the near future, we can learn to communicate in the same way, acclimate it to the neighborhoods, and families… What a way to get along 🙂 Of course this is just me… thoughtfully speaking.

Rene Kyle

Doree Anderson

Verbal is Words

Rioting is not a Protest

The light,

Bright red.

The car has stopped.

Two young men

With baseball bats in hand

Approached and…


Handles locked.

Bats raised again

Car roof dips from weight

She presses down the gas,

Tires squeal, window smash.

Shattered glass,

Pieces fly.

Missing two young girls

Their eyes opened wide.

Mom breaks the law,

Rioters-teens won’t take her car.

Colored skin,

Lives Matter how?

Bats, pipes, loaded guns,

They threaten lives,

But they demand respect,

Welding weapons they project.

Fires glow,

Fists shake high,

Rocks and bombs tossed,

Looters fly.

Stollen food, jewelry books,

Computers are things they’ve took.


That’s all you are.

Respect your voice,

Yet rioting is your choice.

You break our businesses,

Frankly, your technique screws.

You want your life to Matter,

Ask us to care

Verbalize your request,

Bring forth your best.

We’ll show you our love,

But not by your gloves.

Rene Kyle.

Make A Date

How do you kiss, hug or dance

when you’re six feet apart?

How do you hold hands, or talk

when you’re six feet apart?

How do you whisper words from the heart

when you’re six feet apart?

You put on a mask, keep your lover safe

Because good health is just the start.

photo from photo stock.


Change – Nothing is the Same

We need to get back to life with a few changes. Caution is our new World that we will learn to live in every day. It’s our victory call with everywhere we go. We separate, we alway give 6 feet of space, smile, be polite, and take it slow. Lend a hand… it’s the whole world that is in this situation… we are all live in this new ‘nothing is the same.’
We’re all as one, the world must join together… Nothing is the same.