Thoughtfully Speaking

If I may… ? Just the other day, while I was on my scooter, I happened to overhear a couple of children commenting on how they were starting to like attending their classes on the computer. That it was easier not to have to worry about how the other kids felt about you. They sure … Continue reading Thoughtfully Speaking

Verbal is Words

Rioting is not a Protest The light, Bright red. The car has stopped. Two young men With baseball bats in hand Approached and… Crash, Handles locked. Bats raised again Car roof dips from weight She presses down the gas, Tires squeal, window smash. Shattered glass, Pieces fly. Missing two young girls Their eyes opened wide. … Continue reading Verbal is Words

Make A Date

How do you kiss, hug or dance when you’re six feet apart? How do you hold hands, or talk when you’re six feet apart? How do you whisper words from the heart when you’re six feet apart? You put on a mask, keep your lover safe Because good health is just the start. photo from … Continue reading Make A Date