Verbal is Words

Rioting is not a Protest

The light,

Bright red.

The car has stopped.

Two young men

With baseball bats in hand

Approached and…


Handles locked.

Bats raised again

Car roof dips from weight

She presses down the gas,

Tires squeal, window smash.

Shattered glass,

Pieces fly.

Missing two young girls

Their eyes opened wide.

Mom breaks the law,

Rioters-teens won’t take her car.

Colored skin,

Lives Matter how?

Bats, pipes, loaded guns,

They threaten lives,

But they demand respect,

Welding weapons they project.

Fires glow,

Fists shake high,

Rocks and bombs tossed,

Looters fly.

Stollen food, jewelry books,

Computers are things they’ve took.


That’s all you are.

Respect your voice,

Yet rioting is your choice.

You break our businesses,

Frankly, your technique screws.

You want your life to Matter,

Ask us to care

Verbalize your request,

Bring forth your best.

We’ll show you our love,

But not by your gloves.

Rene Kyle.

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